Hosting Hot Summer Events

As the sun paints the Queensland skies with its golden hues, event planners face the unique challenge of orchestrating outdoor gatherings that embrace the beauty of summer while mitigating the heat.

Queensland Hire invites you to discover the secrets of transforming outdoor spaces into elegant, cool havens for your hot summer events in our Sunshine State.

1. Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Venue:

Queensland’s stunning outdoor venues offer a plethora of options for your summer event. From breezy coastal settings to lush hinterland escapes, choose a venue that complements your vision while providing relief from the summer heat.

2. Strategic Shading Solutions:

Beat the heat with Queensland Hire’s expertise in strategic shading solutions. Explore small and large marquees, umbrellas, and various size shade sails designed to offer respite from the sun while enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor event.

3. Cool and Refreshing Beverage Stations:

Queensland Hire has a range of catering equipment to assist your beverage service, ready to create refreshing drink stations tailored for hot summer days. From basic drinks, tropical mocktails to chilled cocktails, keep your guests cool and hydrated throughout the event.

4. Comfortable Seating Arrangements:

Queensland Hire offers a range of seating solutions, a must have for comfort in the heat. Elevate your event’s ambiance while ensuring attendees stay cool and relaxed.

5. Cooling Technology:

Embrace cutting-edge cooling technologies to combat the summer heat. Queensland Hire offers misting fans and air-conditioning of all sizes, designed to maintain a comfortable temperature for both hosts and guests.

6. Evening Elegance:

There is a great magic to evening events during hot summers. Explore glasshouse marquees, ambient lighting, fairy lights, and strategically placed lanterns that transform your outdoor celebration into a sophisticated and enchanting evening affair.

7. Attendee Comfort Stations:

Queensland Hire recommends the creation of attendee comfort stations. Create designated areas stocked with fans, hand towels, sunscreen, and other essentials, ensuring your guests stay comfortable and protected throughout the event.

Transform your hot summer event into a cool and sophisticated affair, with cooling solutions from Queensland Hire.