Chocolate Wheel of Fortune Game Ideas

Increase excitement and attract attention with a Chocolate Wheel of Fortune.

Gamification is a proven marketing strategy for increasing engagement and building excitement at businesses, fundraisers and corporate events. The beauty of this type of simple spinner is its versatility – you can find your own Spin the Wheel games that can easily adapt to use at any event.

What are the best Chocolate Wheel of Fortune game ideas?

  • Products & Gifts – Samples remind customers of your business when they get home, and everyone loves some goodies! Even unbranded gifts such as event tickets, gift cards, or gift certificates turn into experiential marketing tools when given away as promotional prizes.
  • Donations Spin to donate, with varying price points on aligned to each section on your wheel.
  • Services – Offering free services for your business are a great way to increase new customers. Try free consultation sessions, opening deposit bonuses, or bonus credit to spend with your company. People are much more willing to try something new if there is no friction associated with the trial.
  • Discounts – By gamifying the discount amount, businesses not only increase engagement in each transaction itself, but can also help increase individual margins by minimising the number of large discount slots. A customer who receives only a 10% discount will have enjoyed the experience as much as the customer who landed on the 40% discount slot.
  • Swag – Branded merchandise or swag bags become more exciting when used as a spin it to win it game prize! Build excitement of your brand by offering a minimal amount of “high-ticket” corporate swag bags to tempt customers, which helps make sure that less expensive merchandise is seen as a reminder of the fun experience your customers had, and not simply an everyday sample item.
  • Exercises Spin the Chocolate Wheel to select the next exercise! A great way to make your gym session interactive.
  • Raffle Entries – Offering a chance for customers to win high end prizes via a chocolate wheel raffle is a proven method of getting people to sign up to your mailing list.

Ideas for Spinner Wheel Games for Promotion, Activities, or Entertainment

Trade Show Expo Booth Game Ideas to Attract Customers

Standing out from the crowd at crowded events can be a challenge. Job and career fairs, art festivals, and other types of specialty expos mean that it can be hard to show customers what differentiates your products and services. Chocolate wheels are customer magnets, especially when paired with customized giveaways that relate to your business. No matter how small the prize, customers will love the thrill of the game and winning their token prize.

  • Perform an Action (i.e. join newsletter) to Spin the Chocolate Wheel for a prize
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for Themed Gifts
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for Branded Swag
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for a Raffle Item Choice
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for a Gift Certificate (varying amounts)

Corporate Office Game Ideas for Ice Breakers

The Queensland Hire Chocolate Wheel adds an element of fun to any environment, which is great for adding life to corporate events, staff meetings and family fun days. Adding a free gift option is a great way to increase engagement for employees, students and even family members!

  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for Company-Branded Items
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for Ice Breaker Questions
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for Award/Reward
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel to select Teams/Project participants
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel to allocate Tasks

Everyday Business Operations Spin the Wheel

When customers know they’re going to win a prize every time they visit your office, they’ll want to come back. Similarly, offering a “let the wheel make your selection” option for menu items or specials can in itself become a draw.

  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel to Randomly Select Menu choice
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for a Free Service or Discount
  • Answer a Survey Question to Spin the Chocolate Wheel for a Prize

Increase your database mailing list with a Chocolate Wheel of Fortune

The Chocolate Wheel is an ideal tool for attracting new customers as well as up-selling to existing clientele. Nothing is as simple as offering a free spin of a prize wheel in exchange for a list, trial, or sample!

  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for Discount Amount
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for Mailing List to Spin
  • Spin the Chocolate Wheel for a Free Sample