Hire Equipment for your Fashion event

Dress Your Event in Style with Queensland Hire’s Fashion Equipment Rental

Elevate your fashion event with our wide range of foundation equipment ready for your warehouse sale, runway or fashion showcase. From back of house panelling, seating options to sleek catwalks and stage setups, we have everything you need to make a fashion statement.

Choose Queensland Hire for your next Fashion Showcase

1. Exhibition Panels:

Designate back of house areas, create changerooms, or specialised selling rooms – our panels offer the foundation to highlight your brand and products.

2. Underhire Solutions:

Queensland Hire offers many underhire options and packages perfect for fashion warehouse sales, showcases, catwalks and more, providing flexibility and cost-efficiency. Tailor your equipment selection to meet specific needs, ensuring you have the right tools for a successful showcase while optimising your budget.

3. Flooring & Staging Expertise:

Queensland Hire specialises in creating inviting and professional spaces with our flooring and staging solutions, such as catwalk stages, presentations stages and more.

4. Audio Visual Brilliance:

Engage your audience with audio visual equipment from Queensland Hire. Our collection includes everything from PA systems, signage displays to tv systems, ensuring that your brand message is delivered with impact and clarity.

5. Fencing & Barriers for Security and Style:

Ensure a defined and secure space for your fashion event with our fencing, stanchions and barriers. Combining functionality with aesthetic appeal, our products not only enhance security but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of your exhibit.

6. Seamless Electrical Solutions:

Queensland Hire understands the importance of a seamless electrical setup at trade shows. Our electrical services cover everything from lighting to power distribution, ensuring your event is well-lit and equipped with the necessary power sources.

Make a bold statement at your next fashion event with Queensland Hire’s one-stop-shop equipment rental solutions. Let us help you create a fashion showcase or runway experience that leaves a lasting impression on your audience and the fashion industry alike.

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