Hire Equipment for your Music Festival

Rock the Stage with Queensland Hire: Your Ultimate Music Festival Equipment Partner

Queensland Hire is here to amplify the energy of your music festival with our comprehensive range of hire equipment. From large-scale concerts to intimate gigs, our music festival hire services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of performers, organisers, and music enthusiasts alike. Let the music take centre stage, and leave the logistics to us.

1. Shade Essentials:

Queensland Hire covers all the festival shade essentials, from large shade only marquees, shade sails, and umbrellas – to smaller shade solutions for entry points, first aid and other logistic elements. Our comprehensive range of equipment ensures that the logistical aspects of your music festival are seamlessly managed.

2. Crowd-Pleasing Seating and Comfort:

Ensure your festival-goers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience with our seating solutions. With thousands of sturdy plastic chairs available for the laid-back crowd to VIP seating options, Queensland Hire caters to diverse preferences, making sure every attendee can enjoy the music in style.

3. Security, Safety & Amenities:

Inquire with our team to explore the full range of equipment essential for safeguarding your event. This encompasses temporary fencing, crowd control barriers, stanchions, and bollards designed for specific areas. Necessary amenities and safety provisions may involve guest toilets, sanitising stations, water stations, fire extinguishers, and the placement of safety signage.

4. Stage Presence Perfection:

Elevate your performance with our impressive stage setups. Queensland Hire provides platform and trailer stages and can assist with our large stage professional connections, ensuring your artists shine in the spotlight. Our stages are customisable to fit the unique ambiance of your music festival, creating a memorable experience for both performers and the audience.

5. Beverage and Catering Stations:

Keep the energy high with beverage and catering stations. Queensland Hire provides functional setups for food and drink services including bars, tables and catering equipment, ensuring your festival-goers stay refreshed throughout the event.

2. State-of-the-Art Audio Visual Solutions:

Queensland Hire offers basic Audio Visual PA solutions, however we can put you in touch with specialised companies when a great sound is required for main stages.

6. Comprehensive Event Hire Management:

Benefit from our expertise in hire management. Queensland Hire offers end-to-end hire solutions, from planning and setup to on-site hire coordination. Our experienced team collaborates with organisers to ensure every aspect of your music festival runs smoothly.

Choose Queensland Hire as your music festival equipment partner and let us bring your musical vision to life. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and passion for creating extraordinary events make us the go-to choice across Queensland and Northern NSW.

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