Ensuring Event Safety and Security

Hosting a successful event goes beyond aesthetics and entertainment; it necessitates prioritising the safety and wellbeing of all event staff and attendees. Queensland Hire understands the paramount importance of event safety and security and offers this comprehensive guide to assist your planning process.

1. Thorough Risk Assessment:

Begin by conducting a meticulous risk assessment of your event venue and identifying potential hazards, whether they be physical, logistical, or environmental. Understanding the risks allows for the implementation of targeted safety measures.

2. Controlled Access Points:

Implement controlled access points to secure your event space and manage the flow of attendees. Utilise a wide range of hire equipment including security fencing, crowd control barriers, signage and checkpoints. Trained personnel will regulate entry, preventing unauthorised access and enhance overall security.

3. Effective Plans for Installation & Dismantle:

Depending on the infrastructure required for your event, meticulous planning for the installation and dismantle phases may be necessary. Our experienced team collaborates with event organisers to create detailed move-in-move-out (MIMO) plans for our hired equipment, ensuring a smooth bump in and bump out process.

Event coordinating tasks must include detailed site plans, full MIMO schedules for all suppliers, the creation of exclusion zones if required (keeping the public away from any build areas to ensure safety), and ensuring a coordinating staff member is available to all suppliers during the process.

4. Collaborate with Professionals:

Trained security experts bring a wealth of experience in theft deterrent, crowd control, emergency response, and conflict resolution, ensuring a proactive approach to safety throughout your event.

5. Visible Security Presence:

Queensland Hire encourages a visible security presence to act as a deterrent. Uniformed security personnel and marked security stations contribute to a sense of safety and discourage unwanted behaviour, fostering a secure atmosphere for attendees.

6. Adequate Lighting:

Illuminate your event space adequately, both indoors and outdoors. Queensland Hire stresses the importance of well-lit areas to deter potential security threats and to provide a clear line of sight for attendees and security personnel.

7. Crowd Management Strategies:

Implement effective crowd management strategies to prevent overcrowding. Queensland Hire recommends utilising barricades, signage, and trained personnel to guide and control the movement of attendees, especially in high-traffic areas.

8. Communication Systems:

Effective communication systems are vital to the safety and security of your event. Ensure that security personnel are equipped with reliable communication devices to coordinate effectively and respond promptly to any security concerns.

9. Emergency Response Plan:

Develop a comprehensive emergency response plan in collaboration with local authorities, with clear communication channels, evacuation procedures, and designated assembly points to ensure a swift and organized response in case of emergencies.

Prioritise safety at your next event with effective planning, ready for a seamless and stress-free event experience. By following this comprehensive guide, you can create an environment where attendees can enjoy the festivities with peace of mind, knowing that their safety is the top priority. From risk assessment to emergency response planning, Queensland Hire is dedicated to ensuring your event is both memorable and secure.

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